Facebook and Slot Mania – Is Slot Mania Playing Well?

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Facebook and Slot Mania – Is Slot Mania Playing Well?

A day later and I have managed to start my SlotMania Facebook profile, and yes, that means my slot machine isn’t sitting at home in the spare room. But I don’t mind as I’m still enjoying my second week of slot game play, despite the nagging fact that Facebook has changed my experience.

While a few people might enjoy the social aspect of Facebook, others might think it’s a waste of time. Well, to be honest, not many people do.

SlotMania has been my favourite slot game for quite some time now, and I can only believe that the problem is my Facebook. I mean it is a good website with a lot of useful information, but there is one major issue that a lot of slot players face. They are constantly facing difficulty in keeping track of their games on Facebook.

For example, if I log into my Facebook profile and notice that my last game was from Thursday or Friday night I will then have to reset my games for a while. This is quite frustrating for me because I’m already busy at work. And when I try to do this, it simply ends up in me getting frustrated because of the lack of communication.

You can read a lot of comments about Facebook keeping you from playing on the game you want. However, this is not the case for me because Facebook gives me the ability to connect with my friends in real time and play some slots on their slots.

Facebook has an integrated chat feature which you can use to talk to your friends. I am very thankful for this feature because it makes chatting at least 10 times easier. You can either speak to people directly or click on the ‘Chat’ button to find more friends in your network.

Slot Mania has been the most fun I had on Facebook, but Facebook games in general still need to find a better balance between ease of use and the experience of the player. As much as I appreciate the social aspect of the service, I’d rather have my game time with friends.

Keep this issue in mind the next time you decide to start a Facebook account for the first time. Don’t just choose it because it’s popular or because of a good deal you heard somewhere. Consider carefully what it is you want to get out of it.